Our Mission


The Arrowhead Foundation has been working for 30 years to ensure that the community is informed and up to date on superfund issues. It is our mission to interpret information for the public, make it accessible and insure that at times of remediation decision the community is informed and involved.

Who is Arrowhead Foundation?

Arrowhead Foundation is funded by a Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) from Environmental ProtectionAgency (EPA). We work with the Anaconda Environmental Education Institute (AEEI) to review EPA studies and remediation work and provide technical analysis on superfund-related documents and issues. Arrowhead Foundation is currently composed of a five member Foundation Board, two advisors, and two technical staff, who work to relay Smelter Site Superfund information to the larger community and maintain the county’s digital Superfund Library.  As a TAG group, we also focus on economic redevelopment and site reuse. Arrowhead Foundation has played a role in establishing the Old Works Golf Course and continues to advance the community trails system.

What can Arrowhead Foundation do for you?

Arrowhead Foundation is your source for Superfund questions. Our library houses all documents— health reports, land studies, Records of Decision, and work plans—for the various Smelter site units. We may not have all the answers, but can work with EPA and the County to get you the answers and to relay your ideas.

Arrowhead Foundation publishes articles in the Anaconda Leader and hosts public information sessions on critical Superfund decisions, such as the current lead remediation alternatives. We work to promote community understanding on the issues, and ensure that community voices and comments are heard by the EPA and Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Please consider Arrowhead Foundation as your resource for county Superfund information.