On The Horizon

  • Lead Remediation

    The foundation has been working with EPA and county personell and contractors from the beginning of the conversation a few years ago.  It is an imperative piece of the cleanup process, and Arrowhead will continue to monitor and disseminate information as things change.  We will use our information from outreach meetings to put forward the comments from community members to EPA before it makes its final decision.

  • Consent Decree

    The Arrowhead Foundation is currently working with the Superfund Task Force, EPA, the County, and Atlantic Richfield to plan outreach meetings, materials and other mediums for information to go to the public once the judge releases the order of confidentiality.

  • Literacy Efforts

    Arrowhead Foundation plans to launch a Superfund Literacy effort starting September 2018 that reaches 2nd graders, Sophomores in High School and Adults. This will cover basics to advanced topics dependent on age and class type.

  • Superfund Library

    The organization continues to maintain and update the Superfund Repository online.