• Anaconda-Deer Lodge County
  • Anaconda Local Development Corporation
    ALDC maintains access to capital, infrastructure development programs, tax incentives, business assistance programs to make Anaconda the best choice for for expanding enterprise and aid projects and ensure non-profit and government projects succeed
  • Washoe Park Foundation
    The Washoe Park Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization created to meet the challenges of preserving and restoring Washoe Park. We seek to protect and enhance the unique resources of Washoe Park, it’s richness of artisticcreation, it’s beauty and quality of land, air, and water- so these resources may be enjoyed now and in the future.
  • Bike Walk Montana
    Bike Walk Montana’s vision for the future of cycling: In communities across Montana, cycling and walking are safe, everyday, mainstream activities. Cycling and walking are recognized, accommodated and funded as legitimate and essential modes of transportation. As a result, Montanans enjoy an enhanced quality of life, a cleaner environment, and better health. Montana is a model for innovative cycling and walking facilities and programs.
  • Environmental Protection Agency
    The mission of EPA is to protect human health and the environment.
  • Department of Environmental Quality
    The Department of Environmental Quality’s mission is to protect, sustain, and improve a clean and healthful environment to benefit present and future generations.