The Possibilities Series

As Anaconda’s Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) group, the Arrowhead Foundation has helped the community participate in remedial decision-making for the Anaconda Smelter NPL site through the publishing of educational materials explaining technical reports and site conditions, as well as hosting focus group series to obtain public input. Our consultants have received comments from the community expressing safety concerns about living, recreating, and doing business in a Superfund site.


We are excited to announce the renewal of our Possibilities series, which aims to share information with the community about the positive possibilities presented to Anaconda-Deer Lodge County as a result of the community’s smelting history. The Possibilities series was publically released in 2011 by the Arrowhead Foundation. The series included an interactive video series showcasing how the Anaconda Smelter NPL site was revolutionizing the way agencies thought of remedial designs through strong community involvement. Scroll down to view the Possibilities video series or click here.

This version of the Possibilities series will discuss topics such as raising a family in a Superfund site, Superfund and outdoor recreation, and the doing business in a Superfund site.  In addition to addressing the afore mentioned concerns of residents, the Possibility series will illustrate how the Anaconda Smelter NPL site continues to champion innovative methods of positively reusing lands associated with Superfund in ways that promote economic growth and community health. The series will be published in the Anaconda Leader and on the Arrowhead Foundation website.

We want this series to be as informative as possible for the community. If you have any topics or concerns that you would like to see addressed as part of the Arrowhead Foundation’s Possibilities series, please use the form below to share your thoughts with us. You may also contact our consultants at (406) 563.5538 ext. 14 or visit us at our office on the 3rd floor of the Community Service Center (118 East 7th Street) in Anaconda.


Possibilities Comment Form