2019 Community Soils Update

The 2019 remediation season is about to start! EPA and Atlantic Richfield are making some changes to the testing process to ensure that yards are remediated effectively. Previously, Residential soils exceeding an averaged arsenic concentration of 250 parts per million (ppm) were remediated. The new update will remove the averaging of the test results. Any part of a residential area that exceeds the 250 ppm limit, will be remediated. Properties that had the previous testing and the average didn’t initiate action will receive information in the mail if action will be taken. Residences that previously didn’t meet criteria or residences that haven’t been tested may request to sample their soil within property within the ADLC Superfund Planning Area (a map outlining this area is available on the Arrowhead Website http://anacondasuperfund.com/ interactive-map/). Atlantic Richfield Company is anticipating to sample 300 yards and remediate 325 yards this construction season. With snow still withering away, construction may start outside of town first. The first project in city limits will be Cedar Park Homes, targeting a few lawn areas. Last year, Atlantic Richfield Company completed residential soil sampling on 305 yards and remediated 325 yards. Under the CSOU work plan, remediation includes removing contaminated soil, replacing it with clean soil, and installing an appropriate cover material (i.e. sod/ seeding, gravel, etc.). Assuming landowners complete and return construction access agreements in a timely manner, remediation typically lags one construction season behind the sampling (i.e. properties sampled in 2018 would typically receive remediation in 2019). Atlantic Richfield Company will test residential yards located within the Superfund Planning Area by request of the property owner for the next several years. Residents that want to request yard testing can contact Water Environmental Technologies at (406) 563-7476. Questions and comments regarding CSOU or other Superfund issues in the Anaconda Smelter NPL site are welcomed by the Arrowhead Foundation. Residents may also direct questions to the EPA Project Manager, Charlie Coleman, at (406) 457-5038 or Atlantic Richfield Project Manager, Luke Pokorny at (406) 723-1832


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