Public Meeting for Georgetown Railroad Proposed Reuse

The National Forest Service is seeking public comment on the proposed repurposing of the Georgetown Extension as a recreational trail. A public meeting will be held on Thursday 20 November at 6:00pm in the Hearst Free Library. If you are unable to attend the meeting, comments may be directed to Bob Wintergerst of the National Forest Service by calling (406) 544-1438.

Constructed in 1912, the Georgetown Extension is a section of roughly fifteen miles of abandoned BA&P railroad west of Anaconda. Commonly known as the Georgetown Railroad (GTRR), slag and waste rock were used as upper ballast when the railroad was constructed. These materials remained even after the railroad was abandoned.

Repurposing this abandoned railroad as a recreational trail would effectively establish a safe alternative transportation route connecting the city of Anaconda to the rural neighborhoods west of the city limits, including the West Valley, Lost Creek, and Georgetown Lake. Additionally, such a trail would provide pedestrian access to the numerous recreational resources west of Anaconda, such as the Pintler Scenic Route, Continental Divide Trail, Spring Hill Campground, Garrity Mountain, Storm Lake, Foster Creek, Barker Lakes, and many more.  Below is a map we received during our last meeting with the National Forest Service regarding this exciting opportunity.