Stuck Ridge Remediation

Stucky Ridge, located due north of the stack, was largely impacted by  contaminants from the smelting operations.The Natural Resource Damage Program (NRDP) was designated areas on Stucky Ridge to remediate and restore. The remediation started in 2015 and was concluded in 2018. 

NRDP used between 20-30 tons per acre of sugar beet lime to remediate this section of Stucky Ridge. NRDP also planted trees and shrubs in hard to reach areas of the hill side and in stormwater ditches. Today, the area is full of vegetation and native growth. 

NRDP was also designated a big portion of the Mount Haggin area. The bare areas of Mount Haggin require erosion control efforts while slopes are being stabilized and revegetated.Some gullies will be flattened out  to help prevent erosion. Areas that are not accessible to equipment are done with aerial seeding. This scope of work will enhance wildlife habitat and will reduce erosion. NRDP is projecting to be completed in 2021.

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